Do you have questions about your rights as a tenant, or are you facing a rent increase or eviction? You can always contact the tenants union by calling (530) 564-6245 and leaving a message explaining your situation and a member of the STU will call you back as soon as we can (please note that we can only help folks in Sacramento and surrounding areas! If you are from further afield, check out Tenants Together or see if you have a local Tenants Union). You can also find many excellent resources at the following websites:
  • Tenants Together ( is a statewide association of Tenant’s Rights groups (including STU!). They also have an amazing library of resources related to problems you might encounter as a tenant, from how to get your security deposit back to sample letters requesting a stay (pause) on an eviction you have received. Tenants together also runs a state-wide counseling network.
  • Legal Services of Northern California ( offers free legal aid to those who need it. If you have received an Unlawful Detainer (eviction) notice or have other serious legal issues, try to get legal help through LSNC.
  • Renters Helpline ( is funded by the City and County of Sacramento and is run through Project Sentinel and Sac Self-Help Housing. This is another option for getting help with a problem you are facing as a tenant, especially if you feel your rights under the Fair Housing Act are being violated.
  • Disabilty Rights CA ( supports people with disabilities - including folks facing issues related to accessibility of their rental units or housing discrimination. If you have questions about your right to reasonable accomodation as a disabled person or are in need of legal support, this is a great resource!

COVID-19 Resources for Sacramento Tenants