We are always looking for new members to join us in our work! Currently, the union meets at least twice per month, on the first and third Mondays of the month, at Organize Sacramento on Broadway and 18th at 6pm.

The first Monday of the month features our “Where’s the Housing” series where we dig into issues related to the housing/tenant’s rights crisis in our community. The third Monday tends to be a more business-focused meeting where we do the work of keeping this organization going. To stay informed about our meetings, sign up for our mailing list! We will never give away your contact information and send <1 email per week. Currently, our priorities are as follows:
  • Real Rent Control for Sacramento. Last year, Sacramento voters qualified a Rent Stabilization Initiative for the ballot. Despite collecting enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, the Sacramento City Council has failed to inform us when we’ll be able to vote on the initiative. We need help keeping pressure on the city to give us a date for the vote, and then running a campaign to successfully pass the measure.
  • Protections for tenants at Alder Grove and Marina Vista. Alder Grove and Marina Vista are together the largest public housing complex west of the Mississippi, located at the west end of Broadway. The housing is being torn down and rebuilt and potentially converted from public housing to voucher-based housing. Tenants have been struggling to get clear information from SHRA regarding their rights, the timeline for the reconstruction, and fate of the voucher conversion, and STU has been supporting their organizing efforts. If you live in SHRA housing and want to get invovled, or want to support as an ally, let us know!